Cristian Ronaldo has been at the club for more than a decade. He has become a legend and is one of the main stars of the Old Lady. He is the best player of the club and he has become one of its main stars.
The Portuguese player has a lot of achievements at the team. He became the champion of the country and he won the Champions League. He also won the Portuguese Super Cup.
In the summer, the Portuguese player decided to leave the team and go to Juventus. He was the best scorer of the team, but he did not like to play in the Champions league.
However, the team did not have a good season and lost a lot. The team was not able to win any trophy.

The fans of the Portuguese team are not happy with the decision of the player to leave. They want him to stay at the Old lady. The fans are also worried about the future of the star player. He still has a long way to go and he needs to show the maximum of his power.
But it is not clear if he will stay at Real or go to another team.
Will Cristiano stay at Juventus?
The transfer of the famous player to Juventus was a good decision. The club has a good team and it is ready to fight for the title. The player is a great scorer and he is able to score a lot from a distance.
Juventus is a team that can compete with the main favorites of the championship. The main star of the squad is Cristiano Ronaldo. He can play in any of the positions on the field and he can be the main scorer of a game.
Ronaldo has become the best goal scorer of his time. He scored more than 100 goals in a season and he became the top scorer of all time.
It is clear that the Portuguese star will not leave the club, but the fans of Juventus are not satisfied with the results of the season. They are not sure that the team will be able to fight against the main competitors of the champion title.
Fans are also not happy about the transfer of Ronaldo to Juventus, because they think that the player is not ready for the new club.
What to expect from Juventus in the future?
It was clear that Juventus is not going to fight with the team of Real Madrid. The Old Lady is a good club, and it has a great squad. The players have a lot to prove and they are ready to do their best.
Real Madrid is a club that has a bad season and it lost a number of trophies. The Madrid team has a strong lineup and it can fight with any team. Ronaldo and his teammates are ready for any challenge.
At the end of the campaign, the fans will have a chance to see the results and the performance of the players. The season ended with a lot and it will be interesting to see how the players will do in the next season.
Who will be the next winner of the Champions?
This season, the Champions was won by Juventus. The previous season, it was won not by the club of Real, but by Manchester United.
This time, the club has the best lineup of the tournament and it should be able not only to fight in the group stage, but also to fight at the final.
Manchester United was not the best team in the league, but it was able to finish in the top 4. The Red Devils were able to do it thanks to a number one scorer, Wayne Rooney.
Rooney was the top goal scorer in the English Premier League for the first time in his career. He managed to score more than 30 goals and he was the main star in the team for a long time. The Portuguese player is still able to show his maximum and score a number in the final match.
He is a top scorer, but now he needs a new club to show all his skills.
You can follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the latest information about the Champions and other tournaments.
New season in the Premier League
The new season of the English football championship has started. The new season will see a lot changes. The top 4 of the standings will be decided in the last rounds.
Many fans are not pleased with the performance the team has shown in the new season. The Manchester United lost a large number of points and it was not enough for the club to finish the championship in the first place.
There are a lot reasons for the team not to be happy with its performance in the championship:
1. Lack of motivation. The squad of the Red Devils was not in a good mood. It was not ready to play at the highest level for a number.
2. Lackadaisical training. The coach of the Manchester United did not give his players enough rest and they did not show their maximum.
3. Unsuccessful transfers. The most important of them is the sale of Wayne Rooney to Manchester United, but other players were also sold.
4. Poor performance of individual players.
All these factors led to the failure of the United in the current season. It is clear now that the club will not be able win the championโ€™s title, but they will be a contender for the Europa League.

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