Cristian Ronaldo has been in excellent form in the last few months. The Portuguese player has scored a lot of goals and has become one of the main stars of the European Championship. However, the Real Madrid player is not the only one who is able to score a lot. The list of the best performers of the last season includes:
* Zinedine Zidane;
* Lionel Messi;
* Sergio Aguero;
* Gareth Bale;

However, the most important thing is that all these players are able to get the ball and score goals. The main thing is to be able to distribute the ball to all the players on the field. This is what Cristiano Ronaldo has done.

The Portuguese player scored a hat-trick in the Champions League on the first match of the tournament. It is worth noting that he scored the goal in the 89th minute of the game. The hat-tricks are the best results for the Portuguese player. He has scored seven goals in the previous matches.
The following are the reasons why the Portuguese is considered one of football’s most promising players:
1. Good technique.
2. Good understanding with the players.
3. Good knowledge of the opponents.
4. Good game.
5. Good form.
6. Motivation.
7. Good luck.
8. Good friends.
9. Good family.
10. Good team.

The main thing that Cristiano has to do is to continue his good form and score more goals. This will allow him to become one the main players of the club. The fans can expect a lot from the Portuguese.
At the moment, the main competitors of Real Madrid in the fight for the title are Barcelona and PSG. However the latter has a much more stable squad and a better balance of forces.
Barcelona has a good lineup and is able not to lose points. However PSG is a team that can win the championship. The team has a lot more experience and is in a good shape.
In the last two seasons, the team has been able to win the Champions Cup and the Europa League. However it is not easy for the team to win all the tournaments at once. This can be seen in the fact that the team lost to Chelsea in the EPL.
PSG has a stable lineup and can win all tournaments. However they have not been able for a long time to win them. This fact is another reason for the fact they are considered one the best teams in the world.
You can always follow the results of the team on the sports statistics website. It provides the latest information from the world of football.
What to Expect from the Champions
Barring the loss to Chelsea, the season has been very successful for the Parisians. The club has been fighting for the champion title for a few years now. However this time, it is much easier for the club to win it.
It is worth highlighting the fact the team does not have a lot to play for. The only thing that can affect the results is the bad luck of the opponent. This has been the case for many years. However in the current season, the Parisian team has not lost to its rivals.
This is another proof that the club is able win all trophies.
However the main thing for the fans is to see the performance of Neymar and Cavani. The Brazilian player has been a real sensation this season. He is able score a goal almost every match. The same can be said for the Argentinean player.
Cavani is the main striker of the Paris team. He scored a goal in every match he was on the pitch. Neymar has also become a real star this season, scoring a lot and becoming the main player of the attack of the squad.
If you want to follow the latest news from the club, you can always do it on the website of sports statistics. It presents the results from the matches of the Champions.
Will the Champions be easy for PSG to win?
BarΓ§a has been one of PSG’s main competitors for a number of years now, however the team is now much more balanced and stable. This allows the club not to be easily defeated.
One of the reasons for this is the fact there is no Messi in the squad of the Catalan. The Argentinean has recently left the club and is not able to play in the team. This decision was made by the management of the Spanish team. However Messi is still able to give the Catalans a good game. This season, he has scored 21 goals.
Another reason for Barcelona’s success is the excellent lineup of the Catalonians. This year, the club has a very good lineup, which allows the team not to get tired and lose points easily.
On the other hand, PSG has been playing in the international arena for a while now. This gives the players a good chance to show their skills. However there are still some matches ahead of the players of PSGC.
There are no less than 20 matches ahead, and the team needs to be at its best to win. This means that the players need to be focused and not lose points in matches against weaker teams.

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