Real Madrid are in the middle of a transfer campaign, which will see the club look for a new goalkeeper, as well as a number of players.
The club is now in the midst of a crisis, as it has failed to sign a number players in the summer.
However, the club’s management is trying to solve the problem by signing a number young players, who are ready to play for the team.
Among the players who are being considered for a transfer are:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Karim Benzema;
– André-Crespo.
Real is also considering a number signings, which include:
· James Rodríguez;
· – Sergio Ramos;
– Marcelo.
However the club is not ready to make a number transfers in the current transfer campaign.

The Portuguese forward is the main star of the team, and he wants to leave the club. The player has already stated that he wants a move to the Spanish capital, and the club has already offered him a new contract.
“I want to leave Real Madrid. I’m not going to play in the Champions League,” Ronaldo told the press.
It is worth noting that the Portuguese has already won the Champions Cup, and it is also worth noting the fact that the club will not be able to buy him in the future.
Moreover, the player has a contract with the club for another five years.
In order to solve this problem, the management of the club should make a few transfers, and they should be able not to lose the player.
But the club management is not able to do this, as the player wants to go to Spain.
Will Ronaldo leave Real?
The player is considered one of the main stars of the Spanish national team, who is able to bring the team to victory in the international arena.
This summer, the team has not signed a number player, but it is still possible to sign one.
Cristian Tello, who has already scored a number goals for the national team in the past season, is a good option for the club, as he is a reliable player who can help the team win the Champions league.
There is a high probability that the team will be able win the tournament, and this is why the club needs to make some transfers.
Of course, the transfer of Ronaldo is a priority for the management, as they want to solve their problem.
They are not able, however, to buy the player, as this would cost a lot of money.
Therefore, the Portuguese player will not leave the team in its current form, and that is why he is considered a priority transfer for the Madrid club.
Who will replace Ronaldo?
However it is not the only transfer that the management is considering.
One of the most important transfers is the one of Marcelo, who will replace Tello.
Many experts believe that the player will be a good choice for the position of a goalkeeper, and many clubs are interested in the player’.
Marcelo is a young player, and his career is developing rapidly. He has already played in the Spanish league, and now he wants more.
He wants to play at the top level, and Real Madrid is one of those clubs who are interested.
According to the player himself, the Madrid team is the only club that he would like to play with.
Thus, the main question is whether the player would like a new challenge, or whether he would prefer to stay at Real.
At the moment, the players of the Madrid squad are performing well, and if the club wants to compete for the title, it should make some changes.
These changes will be made in the next season, and we will see if the players are able to compete with the leaders of the championship.
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