Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player of 2016/17

Cristian Ronaldo has already scored a lot of goals in the season, and the Portuguese has managed to score a lot in the Premier League. He is the top scorer in the English Premier League, and he has already managed to win the Golden Boot.
The Portuguese is one of the best players of the world, and his success is not surprising. He has the perfect game, which is not only an excellent shot on target, but also a good pass to the next player.
He is a great scorer, and this is why he has managed not only to score many goals, but to do it in a very short time. He also has a good distribution of the ball, which allows him to create many chances.
This season, the Portuguese will try to win a place in the Champions League zone, and it is very likely that he will be able to do this. He already managed this in the previous season, when he managed to get to the Champions’ League zone.
Consequently, the fans can expect a lot from the Portuguese in the upcoming season, because he is a player who always manages to score goals, and even if he doesn’t score the most, he always manages not to disappoint the fans.
You can always follow the results of the Portuguese on the website of sports statistics.

The best football results of other leagues
The football season in the United States is in full swing, and there are a lot to see and do. The American football season is also in full, and many teams are trying to win gold medals.
In the American football, the best teams are:
* Kansas City Chiefs;
* Denver Broncos;
* Houston Texans;
and the most popular team is the Kansas City.
It is the Chiefs who are the main favorites of the season. The team has won the Super Bowl, and they are the only team in the history of the American and National Football League to do so twice.
For this reason, the Chiefs are the best team in America, and their results are really impressive.
However, the team is not the only one who is trying to get into the top 4. There are also teams from other leagues who are trying their best to get in the top-4.
There are many teams from the lower divisions, too, who are also trying to become the main favorite of the championship.
Here, the teams from lower divisions are:
* Oakland Raiders;

* Buffalo Bills;
* Detroit Lions.
All these teams are very good, and in the future they will be very difficult to beat.
Main favorites of American football
The American football is a very popular sport, and millions of fans from all over the world watch it.
Many teams from all around the world are trying hard to become a champion, and for this they need to have a good season.
One of the main teams of the league is the Denver Broncos, and here they are very confident. The club has already won the championship, and now they are trying not to lose any points.
They have already managed not to miss the playoffs, and if they want to be in the playoffs they need only to win one more game.
Another team that is trying their utmost to become one of top-3 is the Houston Texans. The Texans are very strong, and have already won a lot, so they are confident that they will not lose points. They are not the most confident team, but they are a good team.
Besides, they have a very good coach, who is able to give the right instructions to the team. This is one more reason for the Texans to be confident.
As for the main competitors of the team, the Kansas Chiefs are also very confident, and are trying very hard to win.
Despite the fact that the season is very long, the club is still very confident that it will be in a good position in the championship table.
Teams’ results in the American championship
The season of American championship has already ended, and a lot has been seen and done. Many teams have already made it to the playoffs.
Among the best of the playoffs are the following teams:
1. Kansas City
2. Denver
3. Houston
4. Oakland
5. Buffalo
6. Detroit
7. Indianapolis
8. Seattle
9. Atlanta
10. Carolina
11. Philadelphia
12. Cincinnati
13. Dallas
14. Baltimore
15. New England
16. San Diego
17. Pittsburgh
18. Denver Broncos
19. Carolina Panthers
20. New York Giants
21. Minnesota Vikings
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. New Orleans Saints
24. Philadelphia Eagles
25. Detroit Lions
26. New Jersey Devils
27. Carolina Hurricanes
28. New Haven Connecticut Huskies
29. New Mexico Lobos
30. Boston Bruins
31. New Hampshire Wildcats
32. New Zealand Warriors
33. Chicago Bulls
34. Dallas Mavericks
35. Boston Celtics
36. Los Angeles Lakers
37. Los Angles Clippers
38. New Yorkers
39. New york Knicks
40. Philadelphia 76ers
41. Boston Red Sox
42. Boston College Eagles
43. Toronto Raptors
44. Boston Patriots
45. Boston Braves

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