Cristiano Ronaldo has been the main star of Real Madrid for a long time. The Portuguese has won the Champions League, the Spanish Super Cup, the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. He has also scored a record number of goals.
However, the Portuguese has recently become less active and is not able to perform his best game. This has led to the fact that the club is not in the best shape.
The club needs to make a change and it is obvious that the Portuguese is the best candidate for the position of a new leader. The main question is whether the club will be able to buy a new star.
Will Real buy Cristiano?
The Portuguese has been a great player for the club for a very long time, so the club needs a replacement. However, the club does not have the money to buy the best player.
Real Madrid has a long-term contract with Ronaldo. The contract is valid for five years and the club has the right to terminate it at any time. So, the contract is a guarantee for the Portuguese.
This contract is one of the best in the world. The club has a budget of about 4.5 billion euros. This is not a lot of money, but it is enough to buy Ronaldo.
It is obvious now that the main goal of the club’s management is to get rid of Cristiano. The player has become too expensive for the team and the management. The fans also want to see a new player who can replace the Portuguese in the team.
So, the fans and the players have a lot to talk about. It is obvious, that Real Madrid is not the only club that wants to get a new champion.

Will Cristiano leave Real?
There is a lot that Cristiano can do in the future. The first thing is to find a new club that will give him a chance to prove himself. The players and the fans can be sure that the new club will not let Cristiano down.
At the moment, the team is not performing well. The team is losing points regularly. This can be attributed to a number of factors.
1. Lack of motivation. The management has been trying to get the best out of the players for a while now, but they are not able. The new coach has not yet been chosen, so it is still unclear who will be his assistant.
2. Lackadaisical playing style of the team leaders. The leaders are tired of the game and do not want to play.
3. Lack in motivation of the leaders. Many of them have not yet had a good game.
4. Lack knowledge of the opponent.
5. Lack cooperation of the substitutes.
All this can be changed in the next season. The coach has to find out what he can do to motivate the team, and if he can get the necessary cooperation from the substitutes to achieve the desired result.
You can always follow the situation of the situation in the club on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the information about the results of the matches of the teams and players.
Latest news on the Champions league
The Champions League is the most popular football tournament in the whole world. It has a lot more stars than the Europa League. The Champions League has a special place in the history of the sport.
In the past, the tournament was held in the winter, but this year it will be held in summer. The teams will play against each other in the Champions tournament.
Now, the teams are divided into groups. The group winners will play in the finals. The matches are held in stadiums with a capacity of about 20,000 people.
Fans can follow the results on the sports statistics website. Here you will always find the latest information about matches.
Who will be the main favorites of the Champions?
This year, the main contenders for the victory in the tournament are:
* Barcelona;
* PSG;
* Liverpool;
* Bayern;
* Juventus.
Barcelona has a good lineup. Lionel Messi is a great scorer, and the team has a great coach.
Of course, the Catalan team has the best chance of winning. The lineup of the Barcelona is the strongest in the entire tournament. The squad of Messi and Rakitic is also very strong.
Many people have already predicted the victory of Barcelona. However it is difficult to predict the result of the match. The match will be a real test of the strength of the rivals.
On the other hand, the Catalans have a good chance of getting into the finals of the tournament. They have a long tournament distance ahead.
PSG is another contender for the champion title. The Parisians have a very good lineup, and they have a coach who knows how to use all the strengths of the squad.
Liverpool is a team that is not as strong as the others. However the team still has a chance of entering the finals, because it has a very strong lineup.
Juventus is also a contender for victory. The Turin team has an excellent coach. However he is not very motivated.
What are the main problems of the main teams?
All the teams have their own problems. However they can be solved.
* The lack of motivation of some of the stars.

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