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Red Tiger Eye Bracelet Meditation Mala Grounding Stone Protection

December 31st, 2014
  • We select the finest natural gem stone across the globe
  • Each piece of jewelry is exquisitely handcrafted and polished by our most skilled masters.
  • Together with the jewelry we present you delicate brocade box,exquisite brocade bag,spare string and crystal clean cloth. The packages of different colors are randomly assorted.
  • Certain stone treatment techniques are adopted to improve the looking

Tiger’s Eye Tiger’s eye (also called Wood Alexandrite)  is a chatoyant gemstone that is  a metamorphic rock which has a golden to red-brown color and  a silky lustre. Tiger’s eye gemstone combines the grounding energy of the earth with the elevating energy of the sun.  The deep brown color of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone represents the connection with the grounding, stabilizing, practical energies of the earth. The slight shine and golden hues of this gemstone  with the deeper brown represent a unique bonding with intuitive, creative, solar energy. Thus, a Tiger’s eye gemstone is a stone of physical manifestation and clarity.  Tiger’s eye  manifests your will in the material world with the aid of earthy perception and practicality along with the self-confidence and positive energy of the sun. Clarity comes from the Tiger’s eye crystal’s properties that unites perception and awareness into a coherent synergy.  Tiger’s Eye Stones are well-suited for those who tend to dream and come up with ideas, but have consistent trouble with actually clarifying and manifesting intentions. Scattered thoughts are brought together, personal talents and abilities are recognized, and a clear path is laid out in order to actually act and accomplish goals with Tiger’s eye crystal. Those who could be described as spaced-out can use the metaphysical energy of this stone for grounding and for a realistic, yet very positive, understanding of the material world. Tiger’s eye allows one to discern between wishes and needs.

  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces

Obsidian Necklace Prayer Beads with Ice Rainbow Eye Effect Stone Protection

December 27th, 2014
  •   finest natural gem stone a
  • Each piece of jewelry is exquisitely handcrafted and polished by our most skilled masters.
  •  brocade box,exquisite brocade bag,spare string and crystal clean cloth.
  •  stone treatment techniques to improve the looking

Obsidian is formed as lava from volcanic eruptions cools within the earth which are believed to have the power to ward off demons. Hence Obsidian is often used as a grounding stone.

Obsidian is a stone of Honesty, Sincerity and Truth.  Obsidian Necklace can evoke the Warrior spirit in you. It helps to reach into your subconsciousness, reclaim yourself and realize the forgotten abilities deep within yourself.  Obsidian Necklace  Prayer Beads can give us insights into what would be necessary to make change. It impels us to grow while still lending support. This Stone Protection can shield you from affecting by malignant energies and also help keep your thoughts positive. If you feel your growth has stagnated and hope for a jolt to get yourself moving again. Obsidian is simply the best stone. Physical: A traveler’s stone, protection in the night. Especially helpful in times of grief, depression. Believed to reduce the pain of arthrIt’s, to help joint problems and to ease cramps. Obsidian aids the digestion and detoxifies, dissolving blockages, including harden arteries. Warms the extremities. Accelerate the physical healing of wounds. Helps to reduce food cravings.

  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces