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What is a Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit

April 10th, 2013

Hair Follicle Drug Test is becoming incresingly the standard for employment and court methodololgy for a drug test. A Hair Follicle Drug Test is done by analyzing small hair samples for the presence of drug molecules inside the hair shaft to eliminate the possibility of external contamination. If you want to conduct a hair follicle testing from the privacy of your own home the you can buy some Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit costs from $35 to $45. These hair follicle drug test kit are said to be 99% accurate which can trace upto 90 days history. These follicle drug test kits are private and confidential, no information will be required  each sample will be indentified by a unique specimen ID and passcode.

Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit
A Hair Follicle Drug Test gives a wider time frame for the detection of illegal substances as compared to other testing methods that use urine, blood or saliva. The presence of substances can be traced inside the hair follicles for several months or even years if the hair sample is long enough.