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Adult Fairy Fancy Dress Costumes

October 15th, 2011

Fairy fancy dress costumes are not only for kids but for the more imaginative adults too!

If as a child you fancy about goddesses and fairies from your storybook, it would be nice if you give yourself a chance to be one of the beautiful fairies even just for a night. Fancy fairy dress costumes are fairly easy to wear yet it will give you such elegance and magical look in costume parties or Halloween events.

A typical fairy fancy dress, consists of fairy wings, halo or fairy crown, fairy dress and a magical wand! You dont wanna go into a party without your magic wand, you will need in in case of "emergency"!

For Halloween parties, you may modify your fairy costume into something more "gothic" and dark. A Fairy halloween costume could be of darker colors such as black or gray. Of course, you should also wear a different style of makeup, your fairy halloween costumes will be enhanced if you wear gothic makeups to give your costume some Halloween twists!