Shoes for Toddlers Boys – Which should you choose?

Toddler boys are very active, they are in the stage of developing their psycho-motor skills thus they are more playful. In the toddler stage of their development, their muscles an sense of balance are still weak thus making them prone to accidental slips and falls.

A good shoe for toddler boys are the one that has the right ground grip to prevent them from slipping. It should not be too heavy and it should fit comfortably. Some parents prefer to buy shoes for their toddlers which are 1 size larger to give allowance for the fast growing toddler. However, I would not advise this personally, fitting a smaller or larger shoe size to your toddler may pose danger to your child. Since toddler boys have not perfected their sense of balance, a mismatched shoe size will make it difficult for them to walk.

A good way of minimizing accidents caused by a new shoes for your toddler boy is to give them some "practice time" before letting them on their own. Parents should guide and hold their kids for at least a few hours while wearing their new toddler shoe.

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