Japanese 3D Fake Nails – Stylish and Fun

These Japanese 3D fake nails are cool! Who says you can only use acrylic and polish for your nails?

These stylish and fun fake nails are real 3-dimensional. The 3d fake nails are laced with 3d design such as pearls, flower, fruits and even cartoon characters. Getting a Japanese 3d fake nail is relatively simple, these are glue-on fake nails that you can apply yourself or by an experienced nail technician. The japanese fake nails are all handmade by professional nail artists.

Japanese 3D Fake Nails are made from acrylic materials which are durable. With proper care, these fake nails won’t chip, crack or fade easily. Japanese 3D Fake Nails are excellent for events such as prom, Halloween party, rave party or club night out. These 3D Fake Nails will add dazzle and bling effect. They will instantly beautify and mystify your fingers!

Japanese 3D Fake Nails Pictures Below

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