Cool Hoop Earrings for Cartilage

Multiple ear piercings have been an emerging trend since the 70’s.

In recent years multiple earring have been more mainstream and now we see men and women wearing multiple earrings in one or both or their ears. Multiple ear piercing is no longer boxed into earlobes, as new techniques and fashion emerges, cartilage ear piercings gained popularity.

Hoop Earrings for Cartilage are one of the top favorites for multiple piercings. Ball screws are attached at the end of the Hoop Earrings for Cartilage. These balls act as stoppers to prevent the Hoop Earrings from falling off.

Cartilage Hoop Earrings are not installed by ear piercing guns, since these instrument can damage the ear cartilage and cause medical issues.

There are various form of cartilage piercings like , antitragus piercing, tragus piercing, industrial piercing, rook piercing, helix piercing, orbital piercing, daith piercing, and conch piercing.

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