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Alice in Wonderland Cosplay Costumes

November 17th, 2014
  • Polyester
  • Dress With Attached Lace Trimmed Petticoat
  • Cotton Apron

The size guide found below is specific to the costume in this listing. Other costumes may have different sizing patterns. For example, company A’s size medium may be equivalent to company B’s size large. Be sure to check the size chart closely to make sure you know what you are ordering. The list below may indicate that more than one size fits you. If you are unsure of which size to choose, then go with the larger size because these costumes may tend to run small.

Measurements are stated in inches.Size X-Small | Chest 25 | Waist 24 | Height 46Size Small | Chest 27 | Waist 24 | Height 53Size Medium | Chest 29 | Waist 25 | Height 55Size Medium Plus | Chest 32 | Waist 28 | Height 55Size Large | Chest 30 | Waist 26 | Height 58Size Large Plus | Chest 33 | Waist 29 | Height 58Size X-Large | Chest 32 | Waist 27 | Height 61Item Color(s): This item’s color(s) may vary due to inherent variations manufacturing dye application or your computer monitor’s color settings. One lump or two? Have a seat, we are having a tea party.

Fancy Flapper Girl Costume

October 23rd, 2011

Dress in fancy retro flapper girl for that next costume event. Flapper girls was first used in the 1920’s pertaining to then emerging breed of girls who are liberated. In those times, "flapper girls" are moved away from the norms of wearing corsets and other traditional norms of society.

A flapper girl costume is essentially retro styled short skirts which are usually matched with short hair-do and some fancy furs and feathers. Accessories such as stockings, cigarette pipe and a headpiece can enhance your flapper girl costume. It is also essential to wear a classic flapper girl makeup. A black or red outfit is ideal if you want a flapper girl Halloween costume. Family’s Elvira

Here are some Flapper Girl Costume ideas.

Jester Fancy Dress Costume For Kids and Adults

October 18th, 2011

Jester Fancy Dress Costumes can be worn by kids of all ages even adults!

The court jester is one of the most recognizable and interesting character in fairy tales and folklore. A Jester costume can be versatile, it can be worn as a funny Jester for kiddie parties yet you can also dress up as a scary jester for Halloween. A Jester costume may be slightly modified to transform it into a Jester Halloween costume, all you need is some scary make-up for a jester face or a scary Halloween mask.

Fairy Tale Costumes For Boys

October 16th, 2011

Choosing Fairy Tale costumes for boys could be a lot of fun. There are lot of fairy tale characters that you can choose like Peter Pan, a handsome prince, a clown or a jester, Robin Hood and characters from Wizard of Oz. However by all means stay away from Shrek :) we don’t wanna paint our kids green do we?

Here are some ideas you can use in choosing a Fairy Tale costume for your little boy.

Adult Fairy Fancy Dress Costumes

October 15th, 2011

Fairy fancy dress costumes are not only for kids but for the more imaginative adults too!

If as a child you fancy about goddesses and fairies from your storybook, it would be nice if you give yourself a chance to be one of the beautiful fairies even just for a night. Fancy fairy dress costumes are fairly easy to wear yet it will give you such elegance and magical look in costume parties or Halloween events.

A typical fairy fancy dress, consists of fairy wings, halo or fairy crown, fairy dress and a magical wand! You dont wanna go into a party without your magic wand, you will need in in case of "emergency"!

For Halloween parties, you may modify your fairy costume into something more "gothic" and dark. A Fairy halloween costume could be of darker colors such as black or gray. Of course, you should also wear a different style of makeup, your fairy halloween costumes will be enhanced if you wear gothic makeups to give your costume some Halloween twists!