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Baby Girl 1st Birthday Themes

November 3rd, 2011

This is a simple idea gallery for your baby girl’s 1st birthday. The usual color motif for baby girls is pink although parents can always choose the best color for their babies.

Some Baby Girl 1st Birthday Themes ideas are presented in the pictures below. You can also buy party themes and supplies online. check out other baby girl birthday themes here.

Shoes for Toddlers Boys – Which should you choose?

November 2nd, 2011

Toddler boys are very active, they are in the stage of developing their psycho-motor skills thus they are more playful. In the toddler stage of their development, their muscles an sense of balance are still weak thus making them prone to accidental slips and falls.

A good shoe for toddler boys are the one that has the right ground grip to prevent them from slipping. It should not be too heavy and it should fit comfortably. Some parents prefer to buy shoes for their toddlers which are 1 size larger to give allowance for the fast growing toddler. However, I would not advise this personally, fitting a smaller or larger shoe size to your toddler may pose danger to your child. Since toddler boys have not perfected their sense of balance, a mismatched shoe size will make it difficult for them to walk.

A good way of minimizing accidents caused by a new shoes for your toddler boy is to give them some "practice time" before letting them on their own. Parents should guide and hold their kids for at least a few hours while wearing their new toddler shoe.

You can check out or buy toddler shoes for your boys here.

Choosing your Baby’s first Christmas Santa Hat

October 12th, 2011

Now is a good time to buy your baby’s first Christmas Santa hat, while the Christmas rush is still far away and you still have the luxury of time to choose the best for your precious baby! Your baby’s first Santa Hat should be comfortable and hypo allergenic, buying cheap Santa Hat for your baby may not be a good idea as it may contain materials which may be harmful to your baby. More often than not, cheap Santa Hats sacrifice the quality of the materials in order to achieve a low price.

Choosing your baby’s first is not only about the design and size, what’s more important in choosing is the safety of your baby. Avoid Santa hats which have small detachable objects such as buttons, ribbons or even glitters. These materials may fall off from your baby’s Santa hat and cause injury to the eyes or potential choke hazard. If your baby has Asthma or other respiratory conditions, stay away from Santa Hat designs that use furry materials. We all want the cutest and prettiest Santa hat for our babies but it should come as far a second criteria next to safety.

Many stores sell Baby Santa gift sets online but this will limit your ability to inspect each item. Its a good idea to ask for detailed description from the online vendors before buying the Santa Claus set for your baby.

Here are some cute designs for your baby’s first Christmas Santa Hat.

Baby Pirate Costumes Ideas

September 29th, 2011

Dressing up our babies is really fun and adorable. Thinking of a costume idea may be simple but choosing the right and comfortable outfit for your baby may prove to be another level.

In choosing a Pirate Costume for your baby, you have to consider not only the overall looks of the costume but more importantly you have to carefully consider the comfort and safety of your small one while on that Baby Pirate Costume. If you will be customizing a Baby Pirate Costume, make sure that you use soft materials such as cotton. Inspect the Baby Pirate Costume if it has sharp edges that may harm your baby.

Never use small accessories on your Baby Pirate Costumes since your toddler may place it in their mouth and cause choking hazards. Choose a Baby Pirate Costume that will be easy to take-off in between diaper changes.

The Cuddliest Halloween Baby Bunny Rabbit Costume

September 19th, 2011

Aren’t these baby bunnies so darn cute?

Don’t scare your babies these Halloween, they should have fun too! The parents can also jump into those bunny rabbit suits and celebrate the Halloween in a funny mood which are not scary for the kids. Leave those scary vampire suits and scary Halloween contact lenses to the adults and grown-ups and let the babies and kids enjoy their own moment. Who said Halloween are just for scary fun?

Just make sure that you get the Baby Bunny Rabbit Halloween Costume which fits comfortably for your kids. Check on the fabric it’s soft enough and gentle for your baby’s delicate skin. We don’t want them to have rashes, do we?

Parents should also check regularly if they sweat while inside those full body rabbit suits. Also inspect the foot fabric and knee padding of the Bunny Rabbit Costume, a slippery sole can cause accident and a knee padding is a good feature since it will protect the babies while they play around like rabbits.